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Romans 15:4


I'm really bad at keeping a secret. And so I know it defeats the purpose of having like a really cool "website" release party where you unveil the whole thing at once and everybody goes oooooooooo. But I have to go ahead and share with you guys whats coming down the line. I've bought a domain (iamjoshbrown.com). joshbrown.com was already taken so I thought I would be really creative and add two words in front of it. That'll show the other Josh Brown what's up. And I'll make some t-shirts up that you can wear that say IAmJoshBrown.com. Does anybody else see the wit in that or is it just me? Anyway, the domain will be a hub for 4 of my creative outlets. I like the word portal. 1) My blog - which I am currently redesigning to be much more functional and pleasing to the eye. 2) A consulting/speaking page that I'll be developing where I'll be posting .mp3s of messages and talks that I share. And maybe one day with Casey and Nick, a podcast section. 3) RedCowboyDesigns 4) And then a portal for the Phoenix Project. So I'm really, really excited and wanted to go ahead and link 2 of the preliminary pieces. The first one is the opening page, and the second one will tentatively be the header of my new blog. The idea is to create a hub that will effectively market and communicate the creative outlets Anna and I are involved in. I'm really going to start focusing on the blog as well so that it becomes more of a resource for people to refer to instead of a place for me to rant. So I'm hoping to be much more focused in my thinking and writing so that it becomes more of a hub for discussion and resources. Much thanks to my quickly becoming good friend, Ben. Make sure you guys check out his blog as well and you'll find some really insightful and helpful thoughts on God, culture, and life.


Some recent designs for a journal I'm working on.


Go to HumanForSale.com to find out how much you're worth. I'm worth $1,698,500. Yes thats almost 2 million dollars.


Arrested Development As previously rumored, Showtime has indeed picked up the series Arrested Development for its fall run of tv shows. And what was in the beginning expected to only be 12 episodes as now expanded to 26 episodes. The show is indeed alive. Now lets hope they don't mess with it to much.


This is about as impressive as it gets for an artist. KT Tunstall Go watch her video that is in the left hand scroller. It will automatically start playing. And if that's not fancy then I don't know what is.


listening: pinback, jack johnson & the curious george soundtrack, the bravery, the arcade fire reading: the new testament and the people of god by n.t. wright, the secret message of jesus by brian mclaren viewing: lost season 2, gunner's palace


I like the idea of being for the world. I used to be against the world. But I've decided the world is a very good place. And I really like it. I used to be opposed to it. Or at least against the things that weren't Christian. A lot of Christians kind of have this dualism. Where God is in heaven and everything is good. And humanity is on earth where everything is bad. And it makes it worse because humanity is depraved. But a lot of things have been reminding me that God is not in heaven where its good frowning down at the world that is bad. But that God was and still is involved deeply with his creation and he indeed sees it, and it is good. This is not to say that there is not suffering and places of pain and spaces where good has receded. But there is a louder song being sung. A better painting that takes shape. And He says that it is good. Welcome to the world. How can you not see the goodness of a baby's smile, the twinkle in the eye of a romantic couple, the simplicity of watching a movie with friends, the subtle, grandness of creation. Its there. We just grow accustomed to moving by it. To focusing on the pain, and the hurt. To wishing God would come to remove us. God is coming, but not to take us away. He's coming back here. To restore. I find God, or kavod as a friend likes to call it, in conversations, in a good drink, in a good book, around a fireplace, in a car, at the beach, over good food, in marriage, in a great song, on a plane, in growing a beard. Yes . . . life is good. Rich and full and beautiful and good. Not full of depravity. We choose what we want to see. And I'm not saying its easy. But there is a choice on how we choose to see things. As we perceive them to be or as God sees them . . . as they are. So I am FOR the world. Because God is FOR the world. And that is such a better place to be than where I was.


My friend Gina had this posted over at her blog. As much as I hate little quizes and tests, this one is actually pretty decent, only 20 questions, and takes 3 minutes. http://www.alphadictionary.com/articles/yankeetest.html I'm 85% dixie/southern! Can you believe it? I thought I was better than that. I thought I had left all that. Its hopeless.


Some men see things as they are and ask why? I dream of things that never were and ask, Why not? - RFK

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